Saturday, August 27, 2005

Freedom to paint & baptism by carwash

AH HA! I painted today and pushed myself to play instead of being the slave to the same shit. My kids worked on their warhammer models and my husband slept. Everyone was happy, but I was getting a little antsy and took a drive since it really was a perfect weather day. I had some note cards that I wanted to drop off at this shop that takes 'em on consignment. It's a drag. She owes me a petite amount of $$$, but as fuckin' luck has it, she was "closed" and I was left hangin'. There were several shops I could've stopped in to feed my boredom, but I was too anxious and cranky to follow thru. So I drove around my town that is quickly turning into someone else's town. Screw it, because it doesn't really matter. I knew exactly what would make me feel better. A drive-thru CARWASH!

It was $7, but I gave the rough chick $10. I was ready for my bath. I was ready for my soft cloth liquid therapy. The gentleman in attendence massaged my body with his hardy brush, showered me lightly with water then beckoned me to come forward. "Throw it in neutral!" You betcha. Rolling through this tunnel of blue waves and froth I surrender my filth. As the spinning, swishing and thunderous machinery clean my car, the sounds, shadows and rhythmic motion clear my mind. The cleansing continues thru embracing sheets of 42 showerheads and then the awesome warm breath; leaving only beads of water that glisten in the upcoming light. The sign speaks and tells me to put the car in "drive" when windshield reaches HERE. Like the obedient lamb, I'm a freed spirit and I drive away into the sunshine.

I know, I'm a seeker.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Carry your work like Glass...

So said my art teacher of a million years ago. God! I have been so disrespectful to my finished art pieces it ain't funny. Soo, in an attempt to gain a little self esteem and awareness, I am polishing my latest works and whispering over my creative line. (my preciousssssss) I have a show coming up (a festival that features artists and crafters) and I'm hoping to make a zillion, so I gotta look presentable!!! Some day when I really kick my ass, I'll be in a "one-woman-show" and stand around a champagne fountain. POP! Crap! I'm not going to get very far if I keep f*#king around down the decor trail of hell.