Friday, November 28, 2008

What Freakin' Day it is?

Araaagh! I'm lying in bed this morning thinking it's Sunday, so I shuffle out into the dark, prepare my brew and lethargically stare into the crack box (computer). Lo and behold, after a sip of coffee, my brain begins to fizzle and then WHAM-O! I realize it's Friday and I have to go to work! Holy Hell!

Araagh! Thursday's turkey feast faked me out! I'm high on tryptophan and I don't even know what freakin' day it is! I was planning on lounging in my pj's all day. Sunday. Ha! Where did those aliens take me to last night anyway?

Araagh! It's BLACK FRIDAY! I shouldn't even be stepping out of the door. All those hung-over shopping loons are on the road. I'll just have to drive like them to assimilate otherwise I'm roadkill. The ride home should prove to be even more horrifying because everyone will be starving and broke.

Araagh! I'm working late because I promised to "deck the halls" at the store. Araagh! I have prescription deliveries too, so I'll really be caught in the zoom with the mall zombies and pillagers running red lights and screeching lefts. I gotta stay calm. I gotta get into the spirit, except I think the spirit is slipper sliding today and eating left-over pie.