Monday, January 09, 2006

Keep a Knockin'....

Presently I function in a space at home where I can draw, paint and dream art. My area consists of a draft table facing the wall, basically in the middle of the main room with my Craftsman drawer unit to the right that acts as my storage and computer desk. I've got all of my "stuff" around me and ready for action. The only problem is I feel a bit too exposed and I'm a bit too available. There is too much noise and there is too much of an opportunity to become distracted by wants and needs and glaring chores. I need to make another sanctuary for myself away from the everyday. I need to shelter myself away from the breezes of living reminders that I'm needed for something. I'll take a break and enter another room in the house. Hmmm, glancing around at the four walls, the ceiling, one window, some closet space, a door. This would make the perfect studio! Ok, so I've gotten desperate, but maybe the bathroom could suit my spontaneous artistic moments. They would have to be brief so noone could catch on and find me, but it just might work...

In the past, I've been rescued by the bathroom many times when I looked for some solitude and sanity. When the kids were young and tearing up the place, I would sweetly tell them, "Mommy will be right out." Then a minute or two or three later I exited fully charged and capable. During other times when heated arguments became explosive and I needed refuge from verbal bullets. Holing up in the bathroom offered sanctuary for a moment because it was, in a way, Home Base. For reading, ranting, crying, and now creating, this room with it's four walls, ceiling, one window, some closet space and most importantly, the door, has invited me once more.

Friday, January 06, 2006

2006 challenge

MERRY CHRISTMAS! and Happiness in the NEW YEAR!

I have a bright and hopeful outlook for '06. I don't think '05 lived up to my standards and expectations as far as experiencing enough change in my creative explorations. I need to hook up with some support that will prompt me to try new things and fearlessly step beyond the safe boundaries that have anchored me into the mundane. There are pages of notes and sketches, words and ideas that are screaming for me to forget loss and with confident sweeping motions, find pure freedom and inner release.I received some wonderful gifts under the tree this year. Two new instructional books on painting wildlife and painting birds. I fear the challenge from either, but my husband is determined to tap into my "less than refined" side of artistic capabilities. So it will be in these next few wintery months that I will indulge in some new territories to vanquish that horrible spirit of fear that binds me.In all that we do, let it come from our hearts so that we may be sure and confident it will produce a truth beyond our own understanding.