Sunday, January 21, 2007

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Beaucoup going on. I finally made some money via my notecard line for Madison Avenue Shop. Money in the bank, and the owner wants more! Tres Bien! I had a much needed gritty talk with my big sister. Her written expressions are more colorful and witty that I could ever hope for. Gotta love e-mail. I don't know where she gets her crankin' forwards that drive a nail thru the source of current matters, but they are ace. I've got an Artisan Market opportunity ~ location clanging around my brain. I'm going to get together with my crafty friends and work on some momentum. I'm dying for a nite out! I feel like I've been grounded for a year. Work is kick-ass! There's a change of pace/scenery for me next week. Get a grip, got a grip and thinks everything is fine. Small wonder. Oh, well, just so long as I can get away for awhile. This week better be sunny and cold. I need some warm rays on my face while I'm trotting here and there.