Saturday, September 03, 2005

Take A Seat Dan Brown, Maeve's Back In Town!

I just received an e-mail from one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Cunningham. She's just announced that she has a new publisher for her astonishing long awaited trilogy of Maeve, the fiesty red-headed Celt who befriends a male mystery from Galilee, Esus. The first of this series was called Daughter of the Shining Isle. I've been told the Part II title has apparently been changed from Maeve of Magdalen to The Passion of Mary Magdalen, which I don't really like, but...I guess if you want to draw people to buy your book. I feel her writing is unmatched and filled with such poetic flow that it brings forth both emotional relief and deep rooted screaming. I'm going on a campaign for her because Maeve wants to tell her story before Dan Brown does!! It should be an interesting year since Pastor Cunningham will be releasing her book April 2006 and The Davinci Code the movie will be released May 2006. Woo Hoo! Her other books which I have read are ~ The Wild Mother, The Return of The Goddess, and How to Spin Gold. All kick-ass!

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