Monday, October 15, 2007

I got shit for supplies!

It's already a freakin' strain getting me to draw, emboss or paint something lately. I don't need my supplies crappin' out on me! When I reach for my pen and I'm ready to wham out some freeing lines, I don't expect it to scream in silence across the paper. Why do I keep this shit? Trash! I've got a list 11" long of stuff I want. Stuff I need! Tomorrow is money day. I gotta squirrel some away for Christmas, but I gotta buy some art supplies to inspire this pissed off chick.

I'm going to find a way to indulge and take some art courses this winter. The first one will be given by my friend and artist Beverly Brand Donato. She's teaching a course using the workbook, The Artist's Way. It'll just be a nice intro course to get my juices flowing. The Wallkill River School has their new workshop schedule and they are freakin' kick-ass. It reminds me of the courses that were available to me when I was attending college before I lost myself in a shameful state. No matter, I'm here with the want, so off I go...

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