Saturday, December 08, 2007

Help! I'm Trapped in a Homebody!

What's the big deal? So I didn't follow through on another desired impulse. I guess I shouldn't feel so twisted up about it. I'm tired and I'm mentally wearing myself out. Like a Suzanne Vega lyric, "...I'm fighting things I cannot see." I just couldn't warrior myself enough to jump into a frozen car at dusk, spend MAYBE an hour at the gallery, then regretfully speed home so that I could pretend I never left and throw together a half-assed meal. I missed my artist friend, Janet Baskerville who was there and that would've been fun and worth it. Ohhh, I need to coop up and forget it.

I got a call from one of my customers from the craft show. She'd like another Christmas illustration personalized for family friends. It's the Santa list design. That's cool I guess. Now I wish I had charged more, but, really, it'll be cake to do. I should be working on some kid cards for a shop I sell to. My art area has been excavated to make room for the Christmas tree! So most of my stuff has been relocated to the basement. It's accessible, but it's in a bit of disarray. I'm going to do myself a favor and invite the Sandman in early. This cranky girl needs to get buried. Sweet Dreams!

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