Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Beating Heart of March

Your humble friend begs to be all you would expect of me.

Today I would like to see
The path that is set for me.
Without a word
Or complaint;
To feign off ignorance
And apply restraint;
Still and quiet
While you show,
Love that is present
As I grow.

~karen guarino

While searching for, I looked within, and so my mornings should begin. To say it is one thing, to pray it is another.


Gloomy, gray and stillness seek
The silent and the willing spirits
Of dreamers, believers and rooted divine
Who test the transparent doors of time. ~k

So how are we doing? Well, I'm frozen in routine. The grooves of the wagon wheels are deep and unwavering. I have a safe view for the five senses, but the sixth is screaming for release. Today I'll conform to nothing, expect nothing, want nothing, claim nothing. Surround myself with fillings to satisfy my soul.

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