Monday, January 12, 2015

"We'd Like to Know a Little Bit About You For Our Files"

I started the idea of writing this Blog in August of 2005 mostly because I had run out of rental space in my head and was attempting to sort out bizarre memories, feelings of inspiration, art work or just rattle off a rant depending upon the size of the rage.

Part of setting up the Blog is to list your interests (favorite books, favorite movies, favorite music) and to give a short introduction of who you are and what you're about. I had already done this in 2005, but I re-read it last week, and I thought it was far too brief and quite frankly almost juvenile. I can't be the same person I was nearly ten years ago!  I'm older, my kids are older, trees are bigger; so I decided to delete my pathetic description and replace it with the mind and mentality of the more mature thinking woman I've become. I mean, c'mon!  Ten years is a lot of time! My sons are grown, out of college and on with their lives! My interests and knowledge have surely expanded. Well, I still have the same job, live in the same place, but somehow, I have to have changed at least a little bit. 

Here was how my previous About Me intro read:

Heart Tunes, Expressive Art, Jesus, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Spontaneous Prose and Strong Coffee just about cover it.

Not me anymore right?  I thought so. (Why do I hear laughing)?

So anyway, when the moment to fill in, type away and write my glorious story and accomplishments into the blank, I froze.  What do I do?  What are my thoughts?  Where am I heading?  Where have I been?  Oh, God!  Who am I?  

I sat at my computer tapping the keyboard, but not a single character showed up. Heck, the space allows for as little or as much as 12 hundred characters.This became a bit of a torment and a challenge to me and I was determined to not be the same person I was ten years ago. The TV was blaring and I sat waiting for that breeze to fill my sails and spin a wild tale from my innermost self and what it is I would like others to know about me............................ Well, I like cookies and Heart...GAAAGH!!  

Ten years and I haven't gotten past my coffee fixation, living my life to the soundtrack of Heart tunes, baking the best fucking chocolate chip cookies, hearing Jesus' quiet voice when I need it most, expressive art that fills your mind with pleasant madness; mentally sensing the artists' grace, pain and spellbinding movements to create the piece.  And finally, I already spoke about my trippy release for Spontaneous (Function) prose and writing down the barriers that hide my light. I know it's buried underneath layers of years, but it never stopped breathing.

Not me anymore?  Hmmm, sounds like me to me after all and that's all I gotta be.  

So the moral of the story goes that whenever you're looking to fill in the blank, it really isn't about what you've done, or what you're going to do.  Where you've been or how you plan on getting there.  It's about who you are when you're feeling good and sticking with your genuine self that pour from your heart tunes. 

However, if you're filling in a space for a job interview it's best to elaborate and flat out lie.

Title credit:  ©Paul Simon Lyrics from Mrs. Robinson

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