Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ringing In The New Year ~ Clearing the Cobwebs

As I start to write this, there is a little over 29 hours left of 2007. What am I waiting for? What's going to change? I'll tell you what's going to change. First of all, I'm getting rid of ALOT of stuff. It's either being Donated, Ditched or Dungeoned. Donating is easy. You just throw it into a sack and leave it at Goodwill. Ditching stuff is always fun. You just load up the garbage bag, a black one preferrably, until it weighs eighty pounds and you haul it to the curb like the Helga of the North you were meant to be. Dungeoning is simply packing it up in hearty rubbermaid and sending it over to the in-laws basement for the next millenium. It's junk, that's not junk. It's sentimental crap that's taking up valuable space and sanity. Someday you'll serve tea in your Kentucky Victorian with quaint company using your grandmother's heirloom tea set, but until then, ya gotta dungeon it!

What else is going to change? Well, my gut ain't getting any smaller, but that's not an issue right now. I'm talking about changing my attitude. Lately I've been having a really hard time dealing with the little things. We've got nuclear bombs aimed at us and I'm having a fit over excessive twisty-ties. Where do they keep coming from? Those and milk cap rings are continuously returning everytime I clear the counter. Should I be aware of a greater message being sent through these nagging oddities? I've bagged quite a collection of these everyday pull tabs I run into when I have to open something up. I figure it should spell out something to me someday in a working collage about a housewife and her daily commands. "Pull Here", "Pop Up", "Push In", "Pull Out". It's quite something when you think about it. So, from now on I'll try not to freak out over the lip curling annoyances like static electricity that makes my hair stick to my forehead when I'm trying on clothes in the dressing room, the ache in my elbow and hip that makes me feel like I'm 75 years old, my misplaced scissors, miscounted money, sudden canker sores, dead batteries, relentless co-worker cliches and the neighbor's yapping dog that shares his morning glory in our yard. Hey, all this is merely a Yoga position away toward better understanding of the whole picture. Now if I took Yoga, I'd be half-way there, however, I'll simply transform and add it to all the interesting material I've accumulated in my mind to write about whether it's ugly or not.

With that said, the next area to clean up is my current artwork which is clashing with my soul. Once I'm finished classifying my household stuff into destination piles, I'll do the same with my unfinished art works. Let's see, it'll be Finish It, File It, or Fire It! If I don't finish it by the end of Winter, (I'm making this up as I go along) I FIRE IT UP! SWOOSH! Right into the burning barrel come March 20th. What a plan, but I better be careful. I've lightened the load many times and as always, along comes a day when I ask myself, "Why the hell did I get rid of that?!"

HAPPY 2008!

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